“Voices of Hope” conference in NYC




The ISE is a cosponsor of Voices of Hope in a Time of Crisis, coming up on November 8th at Cooper Union in NYC. This event will help launch the International Alliance for Localization, a new forum for global collaboration to support place-based solutions on a planetary scale.


The organizers say on their website:

In our film, The Economics of Happiness, we documented how the global economy is destroying ecosystems, cultures and any prospect of financial security. The economy also deeply affects our personal wellbeing, with rates of depression, alienation, suicide and violence on the rise. We need structural change.

Rebuilding local economies is a solution-multiplier, reducing our ecological footprint while simultaneously increasing our social and economic well-being. Want to help build the movement? Join us for a day of cutting-edge discussion, debate and cultural exchange with inspirational speakers from around the world.

Speakers include Chris Hedges, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Michael Shuman, Laura Flanders, Judy Wicks, and Charles Eisenstein.  More information and registration info. are at