New book: Social Ecology and Social Change




SESCIn September last year New Compass organized a conference in collaboration with the University of Oslo called Ecological Challenges. Some of the questions we asked were:  How can we create a society that is ecological as well as egalitarian? How can we develop new forms of activism that are constructive as well as confrontational? How can we work for genuine social change and simultaneously prevent ecological destruction and improve people’s lives in today’s world?

The results of these discussions are now gathered in one book! Many people associated with the ISE in Vermont, both past and present, are among the contributors, including Dan Chodorkoff, Brian Tokar, Eirik Eiglad, Sveinung Legard, Federico Venturini, Janet Biehl, Marco Rossi, Metin Güven and Jonathan Korsár. More information can be found on the book’s page at the New Compass site.