Chaia Heller – Beyond Electoral Politics: Moving the Left Toward Communalism




Longtime ISE faculty Chaia Heller has a new article in Tikkun magazine,”Changing the Matrix: Moving the Left Toward Communalism,” which outlines how we can think beyond the confines of electoral politics:

In November 2016, U.S. leftists will be offered up a blue and red pill provided by the matrix of our own failing democracy. Candidate #1 (let’s call this the blue pill) will be deemed the lesser of two evils, the greater of which is candidate #2 (the red pill). But what if, after responsibly choosing the pill determined to be less evil (an act of damage control), leftists then set their sights on going off their meds—that is, what if they aimed to leave the state matrix altogether? Local communalist politics, such as those outlined by Murray Bookchin’s theory of social ecology, beckon to leftists and offer a way to transcend the state by creating a confederation of directly democratic communities.


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