2nd International Meeting on Social Ecology: Bilbao, Spain – October 27-29




The 2nd International Meeting on Social Ecology will take place in Bilbao, Spain on October 27-29, 2017.

“Beyond  any  doubt,  these  days  Capitalism  is  demolishing  not  only  society  but  also  nature.  No expertise is required to foresee a general breakdown of capitalism in the  near  future,  due  to  its “productivist” nature and the  progressive consumption  of  energy  and  raw  materials. The  State,  contrary  to  general belief,  is  a  key  tool  for capitalist expansion  and  neutralizing class struggle. This collapse will need to be controlled, and thus the violence of its repressive force and coercion will increase.

The  aim  of  the Second  International  Meeting  on  Social  Ecology  is to  create  a fruitful space for analysis and deliberation. These shared reflections are the result of some specific experiences, historical and contemporary, close and remote, with the only purpose of designing and broadcasting a new emancipatory political model and a tangible course of action.”


Debbie Bookchin (journalist, Social Ecology activist)

Jtxo Estebaranz (PhD History, activist in the Basque Country)

Floreal M. Romero (Social Ecology activist in the Spanish State)

Itziar Madina Elguezabal (journalist, author of “Communities without State in the Basque Mountains” )

Sales Santos Vera (author of “Communities without State in the Basque Mountains” )

David Gonzalez (member of Iraun Permakultura)

Acción Antiespecista Bilbao

Tosu Betirako

ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes

Gerard Briche (critique of theory of value)

Antonio Perez Collado (activist in CGT Pais Valencià)

Jakue Pascual (sociologist, activist in the Basque Countries)

Laia Vidal (activist in Group of Reflexion for Autonomy)

Martino Seniga (journalist)

Necibe Qeredaxi (Jineology broadcaster)

* More speakers to be announced


Karmela, Fika 44, 48006, Bilbao, Bizkaia.

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