Ecosocialist Educational Convergence in Germany




Several social ecologists and friends of the ISE are involved with this upcoming program.  We’re sad that the timing overlaps with our own program in Washington State, but this should be an excellent alternative for people in Europe who are not able to make the trip to the U.S.:

Ecosocialist Educational Convergence 28 May – 09 June in Mistorf, Germany

The 3E Collective is organizing a 2-week course with workshops, seminars, working groups and field trips. All the activities will be shaped around the concepts of discovering, engaging and transforming our reality towards an ecological and democratic future.

Our aim is firstly to discover different and militant knowledge. Secondly to engage with our environment and reflect on existing examples of social change. And thirdly to apply and modify this new knowledge to transform our world and practices.

Topics and structure of the convergence

The first week will be based on-site, with classes and workshops. The topics covered in the classes are: climate change, introduction to Eco-philosophies, social ecology, introduction to Latin American social movements, Zapatismo, alternative futures, permaculture, introduction to the Middle East situation, the Kurdish question.

The topics covered in the workshops are: social movement organization, burnout and sustainable activism, critique and self-critique, fund-raising and self-organization.

The second week will focus on direct intervention in the region, engaging and transforming with the information discovered in the first week. There will be the opportunity to focus on recreational breaks, field trips and practical project work, like fundraising, media-creation, writing pamphlets, visiting local grassroots projects, creating/designing campaigns, building structures onsite.

Our aim

The aim of this project is two-fold.

1. To improve the political consciousness of the participants, provide new skills and raise their motivation for the struggles to come.

2. To build up a European Network based on the principles of Eco-socialism. The goals of this network will be to:

* train and support activists

* develop projects and attract funding,

* improve and share resources

* create education materials

Cost / Application

Attendance is free, and food and basic accommodation will be provided. All participants need to apply via email. Some applicants will be offered funding for their travel expenses (allocated based on the strength of the application). We consider applications from individuals and groups. You can attend week 1 only, or weeks 1 and 2 but not week 2 only; please inform us of your availability. Send your application to:

Your application should include a description of the activities and campaigns you are involved in at the moment and your expectations from this seminar (minimum 300 words in total).

Due to funding requirements, participants (between 18 and 30 years old) from Germany and Italy take the priority.

The deadline for applications is 06 April 2018 and we will inform applicants of our decision by 13 April.


The location of the convergence is the Social Ecology Center Goldewin ( The language of the convergence is English.

Please write in your application if you have special needs, your dietary requirements and your preferred accommodation (basic indoor accommodation or camping). The food provided will be vegan/vegetarian. In advance of the convergence we will provide preparation material. 

For more information check our website or send an email to

We are looking forward to meeting you!

3E Collective