New Book: Climate Justice and Community Renewal

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Climate Justice and Community Renewal:

  Resistance and Grassroots Solutions

     Edited by Brian Tokar and Tamra Gilbertson

This book brings together the voices of people from five continents who live, work, and research on the front lines of climate resistance and renewal.

The many contributors to this volume explore the impacts of extreme weather events in Africa, the Caribbean and on Pacific islands, experiences of life-long defenders of the land and forests in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and eastern Canada, and efforts to halt the expansion of fossil-fuel infrastructure from North America to South Africa. They offer various perspectives on how a just transition toward a fossil-free economy can take shape, as they share efforts to protect water resources, better feed their communities, and implement new approaches to urban policy and energy democracy.
Climate Justice and Community Renewal uniquely highlights the accounts of people who are directly engaged in local climate struggles and community renewal efforts, including on-the-ground land defenders, community organizers, leaders of international campaigns, agroecologists, activist-scholars, and many others. It will appeal to students, researchers, activists, and all who appreciate the need for a truly justice-centered response to escalating climate disruptions.

With contributors from: Bolivia, Puerto Rico, India, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Italy, Canada and across the US.

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