Ecological Movements in Kurdistan: From Rojava to Bakur




Webinar – January 6, 2021: 1 PM EST

The revolution in Rojava has captured international attention for its feminist and democratic character, but there is much less awareness of its strong environmental dimension. Creating a world where both women and the natural world can thrive are deeply connected in Rojava. Jineology, the Kurdish word for the feminist “science of women,” comes from Jin, meaning woman, which shares the root word Jiyan, meaning life. This event will explain how democracy, women’s empowerment, and social ecology are interrelated and central to the vision of a different world being built in Kurdistan, from Rojava to Bakur.

Our two guest speakers will present for 20-30 minutes each, followed by questions and discussion (90 minutes total).

Ercan Ayboga is an activist with the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement (MEM) who will speak about current ecological movements in North Kurdistan and Turkey, how they cooperate with the Kurdish Freedom movement and other groups in Mesopotamia and Anatolia.

Ronja is an international volunteer in Rojava involved with the Make Rojava Green Again campaign, which organizes reforestation projects and other activities aimed at healing lands devastated by war. This summer she spent two months in the autonomous women’s village Jinwar which focuses on ecology.

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Sponsored by the Rojava Working Group of the Institute for Social Ecology