Ukraine and the Left, with Alex Gendler




Lecture and Discussion with author Alex Gendler

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On Wednesday, April 13th the Institute for Social Ecology hosted author Alex Gendler to discuss the Russian war against Ukraine and current left debates on the conflict. His talk will address the sympathy some leftists have given Russia in the name of anti-imperialism, offering a perspective that points beyond simplistic cheerleading of various state actors. He will also explore how left movements can best oppose the war without reinforcing the nationalist, statist, and capitalist assumptions reflected in most current discourse on the topic.

Alex Gendler is a (Soviet) Ukraine-born writer who lives in Brooklyn. He writes about political theory, history, and internet culture for outlets including American Affairs, NO RECESS! magazine, and The Record. He has written for TED-Ed on a wide variety of topics including the legacy of Lenin and Guevara, and also works as a translator of Russian.

You can watch the video recording of the event here.