Videos from our 2022 summer gathering: Building Ecosocialism From Below




Here are several more videos from the summer gathering, Building Ecosocialism from Below, a project of the ISE in collaboration with folks from Cooperation Jackson and the People’s Network for Land and Liberation.  All sessions were recorded at the Old Schoolhouse Common in Marshfield, Vermont by April Fisher (7/31-8/1 sessions) and Jerome Lipani (8/1-5 sessions). Final editing is by April and Jerome, with editorial and production assistance by the ISE’s Brian Tokar. The concluding session, a public panel on Confronting the Climate Crisis is posted here. The full set of 12 videos is now available as a playlist, posted here.

The gathering’s opening panel is presented in three parts, featuring presentations by David Cobb of Cooperation Humboldt, based in Northern California, Kamau Franklin of Community Movement Builders, based in Atlanta, and Kade Doyle Griffiths of Red Bloom and Brooklyn TransCore. The session was titled, “Analyzing the Moment”:

Part 3, featuring Kade Doyle Griffiths of Red Bloom and Brooklyn TransCore can be found here.

The second panel offered three diverse perspectives on the meanings of ecosocialism.  ISE co-founder Dan Chodorkoff was the second speaker (see below), preceded by Quincy Saul of Ecosocialist Horizons and followed by Mel Figueroa of TEK-Chico (Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Chico, California).

Here is a presentation by Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson describing the Build and Fight Formula: A Program for the Radical Transformation of Society:

Indigenous elders Mel Figueroa from Chico, California and Earl Hatley from Vermont and Oklahoma presented on Decolonization. Their talks addressed Traditional Ecological Knowledge, ongoing opposition to fossil fuel extraction and mining, and other related topics:

Here is ISE faculty member Brian Tokar’s introduction to a discussion on Ecological Limits and Degrowth, followed by a short animated video, Demystifying Degrowth, presented at the gathering by Jamie Tyberg from New York City:

ISE Program Director and faculty member Mason Herson-Hord discussed his organizing experiences in his home city of Detroit, focusing on his group’s effort to develop neighborhood-based popular assemblies:

Finally, here is Jerome Lipani’s interview with Dorian Vale of Chico, California, who describes in greater detail various aspects of the Indigenous-based ecosystem restoration projects that are discussed in Mel Figueroa’s segment above: