Crisis as Catalyst: Discussion of the Revolution in Sri Lanka

We are gearing up for Part 2 of our discussion on the recent turmoil in Sri Lanka with Kanya D’Almeida and Quincy Saul. It is the next installment of our series on racial and environmental justice, facilitated by Kali Akuno. If you missed part 1, which focused on the historical background of the Sri Lankan […]

A Second Nakba: Paving the Way to Genocide

Mason Herson-Hord explains the unfolding genocide against Palestinians in Gaza through the history of Israel’s radical right’s ascension to power.

“Over the course of these decades, there was a resulting shift in Israeli political consciousness where the historical necessity of the Nakba for the creation of the Jewish state transitioned from a truth to be masked or denied to one to be embraced and carried forward into Israel’s expansionist future.”

Keeping Pace: Confronting the Quickening Pace of Climate Change

In late October, Kali Akuno and Michelle Eddleman McCormick held an important conversation about preparing for climate disaster as it outpaces all of our models. They focused on the devastating floods that hit Central Vermont this summer, despite Vermont’s projections to be among the most climate stable regions of the US. Video to be posted soon on the ISE’s YouTube channel.

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Harbinger Issue #2 Launch Party, February 9

To celebrate the second online issue of Harbinger: a Journal of Social Ecology, we hosted a launch party in February. We were joined by several of the authors to offer thoughts and take questions, and held an open discussion on race, white supremacy, and colonialism focused on the different essays in the issue.

Racism, Not Race: Conversation with Joseph Graves, Jr. and Alan Goodman

Join the Institute for Social Ecology on Wednesday, July 13, at 6pm Eastern Time for a panel discussion with the authors of the new book Racism, Not Race: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Register here to attend. The science on race is clear. Common categories like “Black,” “white,” and “Asian” do not represent genetic differences […]