“We Will Defend This Life, We Will Resist on This Land”

BUILDING SOCIAL-ECOLOGY UNDER ATTACKS IN ROJAVA/NORTH-EAST SYRIA Relatively unrecognized by the international public, the Turkish state has not only been killing civilians and political representatives in North-East Syria for years but also purposely carrying on an ecocide in the region, bombing basic civil infrastructure. Even in face of these attacks the population is resisting in […]

A Second Nakba: Paving the Way to Genocide

Mason Herson-Hord explains the unfolding genocide against Palestinians in Gaza through the history of Israel’s radical right’s ascension to power.

“Over the course of these decades, there was a resulting shift in Israeli political consciousness where the historical necessity of the Nakba for the creation of the Jewish state transitioned from a truth to be masked or denied to one to be embraced and carried forward into Israel’s expansionist future.”

Racism, Not Race: Conversation with Joseph Graves, Jr. and Alan Goodman

Join the Institute for Social Ecology on Wednesday, July 13, at 6pm Eastern Time for a panel discussion with the authors of the new book Racism, Not Race: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Register here to attend. The science on race is clear. Common categories like “Black,” “white,” and “Asian” do not represent genetic differences […]