Our Synthetic Environment (Ch 1)

Our Synthetic Environment Chapter 1 Tuesday, November 18 2003 @ 01:22 AM PST Contributed by: murray By: Murray Bookchin CHAPTER ONE: THE PROBLEM Our Changed Environment Life in the United States has changed so radically over the past one hundred years that the most wearisome historians tend to become rhapsodic when they describe the new […]

Our Synthetic Environment (Ch 8)

CHAPTER EIGHT: HEALTH AND SOCIETY Individual and Social Aspects of Health A new approach is likely to gain easier acceptance if it involves individual rather than social action. The majority of people tend to look for immediate, practical solutions that they can adopt without having to face major social and environmental problems. They search for […]

Our Synthetic Environment (Appendixes)

APPENDIX A: CHANGING CONCEPTS OF ILLNESS -An Excerpt from “The Healthy Environment” by John D. Porterfield, Deputy Surgeon General of the United States* Our dazzling technological progress since World War II has yielded a random harvest of mixed blessings, and a bumper crop of new health challenges. These challenges differ from our traditional health concerns […]