Come to bioJUSTICE/bioDIVERSITY 2002

Over the last two years, thousands of people have gathered to counter the annual conventions of the biotechnology industry in Boston and San Diego. This year, people will be converging on Toronto to broaden the biojustice movement and challenge the biotechnology industry and their vision for our future. It will be a gathering to learn, strategize and network about genetic engineering in agriculture and pharmaceuticals, biowarfare, genetic and non-genetic discrimination, trade regimes and corporate control, patenting of life and more. This event is timed to challenge the industry’s annual convention BIO2002, Toronto, June 9-12.

Report from San Diego, June 2001

A report from They said it couldn’t be done. That we’d never be able to assemble hundreds of people for a peaceful demonstration against the biotechnology industry in San Diego. San Diego is an anomaly in today’s United States. It’s one of the few large cities whose economy is still overwhelmingly dependent on the military. Drive around for a couple of days and you’ll see more submarine bases, naval warfare training bases, battleship construction facilities and missile defense testing installations than you’d ever imagine…

Statement from Biodev 2000

On March 26, in Boston, 4000 people took to the streets to oppose the commodification of life. This was the largest protest against the biotechnology industry that North America and Europe have ever seen…