Environmental Anarchism in Vermont

Check out this article (attributed to “WeiLai”) posted to Infoshop.org – it references the work of Murray Bookchin as well as the ISE (albeit tangentially) as well as the Global Justice Ecology Project. Here’s the first two paragraphs: To fully understand the context of global environmental problems, one must assess the role that humans have …

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Video: Grace Gershuny speaks at Rutgers University

ISE Board Member Grace Gershuny recently spoke on a variety of food and (organic) agriculture-related topics at Rutgers University. Click the link below to access the video. (It’s recommended that viewers download an updated free version of Microsoft Silverlight.) http://symp.primetechrepair.com/Gershuny/GraceGershuny/player.htm

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The inmates are in charge of the asylum

The recent election has brought a new crop of right wing idiots to the fore, emboldening them to pursue their wacky agenda at an as yet to be calculated cost to the people of America and the world.  The likely head of the House Oversight and Congressional Reform Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa has announced that …

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Announcing the New ISE Blog!

I’m writing on behalf of the Board of the Institute for Social Ecology (ISE) to 
announce the launch of our new blog, hosted on the ISE’s website [
i.e. here]. This blog will serve as a platform to regularly publish 
articles and announcements on any and all topics related to the theory and 
practice of social …

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