Feminism and Ecofeminism: A Social Ecology Approach (Flex)


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As a self-directed flex course, this can be registered for and taken at any time, at the student’s convenience. Registrants will have access to the full syllabus and reading materials as well as lecture recordings, but without any live classes or discussions.

This class explores the many stranded feminist and ecofeminist movements, looking at their various theoretical and activist tendencies through a social ecology lens. Taking a one-room schoolhouse approach, the class is designed for both newcomers and those familiar with the dynamic fields of social ecology, feminism, and ecofeminism. After providing a social ecology analysis of first and second wave feminism, we’ll explore a range of ecofeminist perspectives on issues including cis-heteropatriarchy, antiracism, anti-colonialism, and intersectionality as well as science, climate justice, and direct democracy.

We’ll also take on epistemological challenges, exploring how ideas such as intersectionality, sex/gender diversity, and dialectical biology can complexify categories of ‘woman’ and ‘nature’ so central to all feminist theory. Throughout, we’ll also be mindful of the relationship between the particular and general dimensions of the revolutionary project, discussing how particularized forms of sex/gender-based oppression are central to the general humanitarian project to create a non-hierarchical, directly democratic, and ecological society.