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In partnership with the Solidarity Research Center and Kola Nut Collaborative. Next dates offered TBA.

The Municipalism Cohort Fellowship is a 12-week online program that presents radical municipalist theory and practice to grassroots organizers trying to reclaim the right to their cities and self-organize as rebel cities. The cohort fellowship aims to make municipalist approaches and techniques more accessible and present on the ground in North America. Weaving a variety of pedagogical approaches, the seminar:

  • Provides an incubator for critical reflection, applied research, and the sharing translocal ideas and tactics;
  • Networks municipalist projects across North America;
  • Supports skills development ( thinking and facilitating assemblies);
  • Prioritizes participants who are women, LGBTQIA and gender nonconforming, and from Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), working class, immigrant, and justice-impacted communities;
  • Fosters new and original perspectives, bringing municipalism into conversation with grounded movements and struggles; and
  • Collectively develops a Municipalist Toolkit via participant contributions (an ongoing project).

Our pilot run of the program in Fall 2023 was made up of cohort fellows from Chicago, Detroit, Puerto Rico, Providence, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Ypsilanti, Philadelphia, Miami, Paterson (New Jersey), Nashville, Kingston (Ontario), Richmond (Virginia), Atlanta, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Below are sketch notes from each of the six sessions – art by Michelle Sayles.