2023 Summer Intensive Course




All Power to the People: Social Ecology and the Black Radical Tradition in Today’s Revolutionary Movements

The Institute for Social Ecology’s 2023 summer intensive was hosted in Detroit, Michigan in partnership with the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center, from July 7 to 13. Participants—local as well as from across North America—spent six days together studying and learning the core ideas of social ecology, popular movements for direct democracy and community power, and the practice and legacy of transformative community action in the City of Detroit. Four half-days were spent on site tours around Detroit, with the remaining time spent in group talks, presentations, and discussions covering topics ranging from communal stewardship of land to the Rojava Revolution.

If you missed it, you can watch recordings on our 2023 Intensive Playlist on YouTube or take a look at them embedded below.

Detroit’s History of Struggle and Resistance, with Stephen Ward
What Is Social Ecology? with Mason Herson-Hord
Thinking Dialectically, with Chaia Heller, Wayne Curtis, and Mike Doan
Indigenous and Communalist Values Versus Capitalist Values, with Roberto Mendoza and Eleanor Finley
The Solidarity Economy, with Emily Kawano
What Is Capitalism? with Emily Kawano and Peter Staudenmaier
Building Black Food Sovereignty, with Malik Yakini
Black Anarchist Legacies, with Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, JoNina Abron-Ervin, and Modibo Kadalie. Facilitated by William Anderson.
Patriarchy in Social Movements, with Megan Douglas and Chaia Heller
Democracy in Maroon Communities, with Modibo Kadalie
Black Anarchist Futures, with Ashanti Alston and William C. Anderson
Dual Power, with Mason Herson-Hord
Democratic Confederalism and the Revolution in Rojava, with Berivan Omar, Anya Briy, and Arthur Pye. Moderated by Eleanor Finley.
Zapatismo and Pluriversal Ontology, with Linda Quiquivix
Smashing Fascism, Defeating White Supremacy, with Peter Staudenmaier, JoNina Abron-Ervin, and Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin
Art Against Capitalism, with Wayne Curtis and the Solarpunk Surf Club