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Harbinger is a journal of social ecological theory published by the Institute for Social Ecology.

A harbinger is a messenger, or a sign indicating that a major event or change is coming. In recent years there has been a global resurgence of interest in social ecology, municipalism, democratic confederalism, and Communalism. At a moment when resistance to capitalism, ecocide, representative democracy, and social domination is growing, we need forums where we can develop and sharpen our analysis, strategy, and political vision of a radically democratic and ecological society.

This is the role Harbinger has filled since its foundation in the early 1980s: providing a space to engage in sustained analysis and exploration of a variety of practical and theoretical questions relevant to social ecology. We are excited to continue this legacy of collective reflection on building a free and ecological society – we hope you will join us in this endeavor.

We’re always looking for submissions on a variety of topics, including but not limited to theoretical and philosophical texts, strategic reflections on current organizing projects, artistic interventions, book/film/culture reviews, and essays interrogating a wide spectrum of relevant themes. A primary aim is to generate new ideas which develop social ecological perspectives on contemporary political and theoretical issues and debates. We initially aim to publish twice a year, with our second issue appearing in May 2020, focusing on the theme of social ecology and race/racism broadly construed, including white supremacy, colonialism, identity, antisemitism, ecofascism, etc…

Please send your article pitches, abstracts, art, and ideas to harbinger[at] Our submission guidelines can be found here.