The Rise of Eco-Fascism: The Environmental Case for Taking a Tougher Stance Against Online Hate

Louis Dean The rise of eco-fascism has led to some of the worst far-right lone wolf terror attacks in recent years. From the Christchurch and El Paso massacres, eco-fascist philosophy has played a key, if not the central, motivation for these attacks.  An often overlooked and unforeseen consequence of the worsening climate crisis is the …

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Primitivism and Ecofascism

Although some have been surprised by the far right’s enthusiasm for the work of Ted Kaczynski and John Zerzan, social ecology has long warned of both the problematic philosophical assumptions of primitivism and ecofascism. Steve Ongerth describes 6 points of ideological overlap between primitivism and ecofascism.

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Anthroposophy and Ecofascism

In June, 1910, Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, began a speaking tour of Norway with a lecture to a large and attentive audience in Oslo.  The lecture series was titled “The Mission of National Souls in Relation to Nordic-Germanic Mythology.”  In the Oslo lectures Steiner presented his theory of “folk souls” or “national souls” …

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Anthroposophy and its Defenders

(co-written with Peter Zegers) Reply to Peter Normann Waage, “Humanism and Polemical Populism” “Anthroposophy and Ecofascism” has sparked a debate within Scandinavian humanist circles, with some authors like Peter Normann Waage lining up to defend anthroposophy as a harmless variant of humanism. 1 While we are encouraged by this long overdue debate, we are troubled …

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The Art of Avoiding History

Reply to Göran Fant, “The Art of Turning White into Black” Göran Fant says that he is unable to recognize the portrait of anthroposophy that I painted in my article “Anthroposophy and Ecofascism.” (1) I am not surprised that he found my portrait hard to swallow, since Fant is convinced that anthroposophy is by definition …

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