Personal testimonials on the passing of Murray Bookchin

The following are a series of personal testimonials sent to the ISE in August 2006 marking the passing of Murray Bookchin. Contributors include Howard Zinn, Patrick Leahy, Mark Roseland, Gabriel Kolko, Peter Berg, and many others.

Murray Bookchin Tribute

Murray Bookchin, visionary social theorist, dies at 85 A tribute by Brian Tokar. Murray Bookchin, the visionary social theorist and activist, died during the early morning of Sunday, July 30th in his home in Burlington, Vermont. During a prolific career of writing, teaching and political activism that spanned half a century, Bookchin forged a new […]

Harbinger Vol. 3 No. 1 — The Communalist Project

Whether the twenty-first century will be the most radical of times or the most reactionary—or will simply lapse into a gray era of dismal mediocrity—will depend overwhelmingly upon the kind of social movement and program that social radicals create out of the theoretical, organizational, and political wealth that has accumulated during the past two centuries […]

Harbinger Vol. 3 No. 1– Reflections: An Overview of the Roots of Social Ecology

he extent to which radical versions of environmentalism underwent sweeping metamorphoses and evolved into revolutionary ideologies when the New Left came of age is difficult to convey to the present generation, which has been almost completely divorced from the ebullient days of the New Left, not to speak of all the major problems in classical […]

Thoughts on Libertarian Municipalism

This article was presented as the keynote speech to the conference “The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism” held in Plainfield, Vermont, U.S.A., on August 26-29, 1999. The speech has been revised for publication. This article originally appeared in Left Green Perspectives (Number 41, January 2000). Age, chronic illnesses, and the summer heat oblige me […]

Left Green Perspectives [an introduction]

Left Green Perspectives (formerly Green Perspectives) A Social Ecology Publication The Social Ecology Project With the emergence of a new millennium, it should not be surprising that old socialist ideologies–borne of the Industrial Revolution–are no longer adequate to encompass the sweeping social changes that have occurred over the past two centuries. As transnational capitalism, facilitated […]

Libertarian Municipalism: The New Municipal Agenda

This article consists of excerpts from From Urbanization to Cities (1987; London: Cassell, 1995), with revisions. Any agenda that tries to restore and amplify the classical meaning of politics and citizenship must clearly indicate what they are not, if only because of the confusion that surrounds the two words… Politics is not statecraft, and citizens […]

Theses on Social Ecology and Deep Ecology

(This article co-authored with Murray Bookchin) When “Realism” Becomes Capitulation Action from principle, the perception and the performance of right, changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary, and does not consist wholly with anything which was. –Thoreau Ever since the debate between social ecology and deep ecology broke out in the summer of 1987, […]

A Critique of the Draft Program of the Left Green Network

Editors’ note: The Left Green Network is in the process of writing, developing, and debating its program. The draft proposal for the program was published in the April/May 1991 issue of Left Green Notes, number 7. The following critique was written in response to that program. The program will be debated at the upcoming continental […]

Capitalism, Consensus, and Theistic Spirituality

By: Janet Biehl and Murray Bookchin The following programmatic theses have been written by members of the Burlington Greens as draft resolutions for the National Green Gathering to be held in Eugene, Oregon, on June 21-24, 1989. Based on such resolutions, or SPAKAs (Strategy and Policy Approaches in Key Areas), written by Greens around the […]