Biodemocracy Teach-in Program




Saturday, June 18th 10 AM – 2 PM

Reclaim the Commons Festival/Farmers Speak Out in Clark Park (at 43rd St. and Baltimore Ave.), featuring Green Circus, displays, kids’ activities, etc.

Percy Schmeiser (Canadian farmer)
Ignacio Chapela (University of California)
Shepherd Ogden (Rodale Research Institute)
Nelson Carrasquillo (Comite de Apoyo de Trabajadores Agricultures)
Lisa Mosca (Pennypack Farm CSA)

(others TBA)

Saturday afternoon at the Friends Center (1501 Cherry St.)

2 – 3:45 PM Communities resisting GMOs in the Worship Room

Javiera Rulli (Grupo Reflexión Rural, Argentina)
Brian Tokar (Institute for Social Ecology)
Carmelo Ruiz (Journalist, Puerto Rico)
Noli Hoye (GE Free Hawaii)
Lucy Sharratt (Ban Terminator Campaign, Canada)

3 – 5 PM The Health Care Crisis and the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Rufus Jones Room

Pedro Rodriguez (Action Alliance for Senior Citizens)
Beth McConnell (PennPIRG)
Adam Tsai, MD (Physicians for a National Health Program and
José DeMarco (Phila. ACT-UP)
Phila. health care workers representative

4 – 6 PM Sustainable agriculture roundtable (Worship Room)

Shepherd Ogden (Rodale Research Institute)
William Weaver (Gourmet Magazine)
Judy Wicks (White Dog Foundation)
Nelson Carrasquillo (Comite de Apoyo de Trabajadores Agricultures)
Lisa Mosca (Pennypack Farm CSA)

Saturday afternoon workshops (Martin Luther King, Jr. Room):

2 – 3:30 pm :: Playing God With Genes? Interfaith Perspectives on Biotechnology
Rabbi Larry Troster (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life)
Sha’ifa Ma (Oracle and A-Space satsang facilitator)

3:40 – 5 pm :: A Silent Forest: The Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees
Anne Peterman and Orin Langelle (Global Justice Ecology Project)
Ricarda Steinbrecher (EcoNexus, UK)

Saturday evening (Friends Center)

7 – 9:30 PM The Future of Food

Special film showing with filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia, and
Ignacio Chapela (University of California)
Percy Schmeiser (Canadian farmer)
Shepherd Ogden (Rodale Research Institute, moderator)

Cosponsored and introduced by Media Tank.

Sunday morning events

10 AM – 2 PM:
Code Pink Training with Medea Benjamin at the Ethical Society Building (see below).

11 AM – 1 PM:
Genetic Engineering Action Network organizing meeting, details TBA.

Sunday afternoon June 19th at the Friends Center

2 – 3:45 PM Medical biotechnology: Cure or catastrophe? (Worship Room)

George Annas (Global Lawyers & Physicians, Council for Responsible Genetics)
Evelyne Shuster (University of Pennsylvania)
Pete Shanks (Center for Genetics & Society)
Michael Susko (Citizens for Responsible Care and Research)
Rajani Bhatia (Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment)

4 – 6 PM Biotechnology in the Global South (Worship Room)

Anuradha Mittal (Oakland Institute)
Javiera Rulli (Grupo Reflexión Rural, Argentina)

Sunday afternoon workshops at the Friends Center

2 – 3:30 :: GMOs in Latin America (Rufus Jones Room)
Ignacio Chapela (University of California)
Carmelo Ruiz (Puerto Rican journalist)
Javiera Rulli (Grupo Reflexión Rural, Argentina)

2 – 3:30 :: Biotech basics: What is genetic engineering and why should you care (MLK Room)
Ellen Kittredge (Center for Food Safety)

3:40 – 5 :: Corporate Lawsuits vs. Farmers (Rufus Jones Room)
Percy Schmeiser (Canadian farmer sued by Monsanto)
Ellen Kittredge (Center for Food Safety)

3:40 – 5 :: Alternative Medicine and the Politics of Healthcare (MLK Room)
Eliot Tokar (Tibetan medicine practitioner, New York City)

Sunday evening

7 – 9 PM Bioweapons, US Militarism, and the Myths of ‘Biodefense’ at the Friends Center

Medea Benjamin (Global Exchange)
Inga Olson (Tri-Valley CARES)
Laura Kahn (Princeton University)
Susan Hammond (Fund for Reconciliation & Development)
Susan Gracey (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom)
Barry Kissin (Frederick Progressive Action Coalition)

9 PM: East coast premiere of A Silent Forest, video on GE trees, featuring David Suzuki (At the Ethical Society Building)

Monday, June 20th at the Ethical Society Building (So. Rittenhouse Square, off 19th St.)

Workshops and films 11 AM – 6:45 PM (see below), including Green & Black Urban Gathering offerings.

Monday evening (Ethical Society, First Floor):

7 – 9 PM Biotechnology and the Corruption of Science

Sheldon Krimsky (Tufts University)
Paul Connett (St. Lawrence University)
Ricarda Steinbrecher (EcoNexus, UK)
Randy Zauhar (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia)
Michael Hansen (Consumer Policy Institute)

Biotech workshops for Monday
(See for radical urban sustainability workshops offered through the Green & Black Urban Gathering. The schedule is also available here):

11 AM – 12:15 PM ::
Scientific Controversies in Genetic Engineering (Ricarda Steinbrecher, EcoNexus, and Michael Hansen, Consumer Policy Institute)
Corporations and Militarism (Susan Gracey, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom)
Earth Rights Democracy (Alanna Hartzok, Earth Rights Institute)

12:30 PM – 1 :45 ::
World Bank/IMF and GMOs (Mobilization for Global Justice)
Fallacies of Genetic Reductionism and Risk Assessment (Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts University & Council for Responsible Genetics),

2 – 3:15 ::
Biotech Corporations and Global Trade (Ricarda Steinbrecher, EcoNexus, Brian Tokar, Institute for Social Ecology, and Lucy Sharratt, Ban Terminator Campaign)
Biofuels (Mike Ewall, Energy Justice Network)

3:30 – 4:30 ::
Carlyle Group: Merchants of Death (Jacquelynn Cunliffe, War Resisters League)
Radical Gardening & Food Security (Winter Cache Project)

5:30 – 6:45 :: Short Films Festival