Green and Black Urban Gathering




sous les pavés, la plage! philadelphia, june 16-21, 2005

As part of this counter-biotech mobilization, the Under the Pavement Collective intends to facilitate the presence of a strong radical caucus with the perspective to critique biotechnology in the context of our resistance to all forms of domination. In their view, our enemies are not just GMOs but global capitalism, neo-colonialism, patriarchy, the industrial ethos, & anthropocentric western science itself, which aim to reduce all people and nature to orders of coercion and control.

The Green and Black Urban Gathering will include a day for veggie-loving radicals from far and wide to help out a neighborhood garden: get your hands dirty supporting community food sovereignty and sustainable local growing! Monday the 20th will be a day of skill-shares for sustainable, post-capitalist urban living. Themes will include gardening and growing, squatting, bicycle technology and alternatives to car culture, composting and graywater, d.i.y. physical and mental health, nutrition, anti-oppression community dynamics, d.i.y. sustainable energy, post-consumer resource reclamation, urban foraging & more. We are still actively soliciting ideas for workshops & events.

We are also planning a project called Bikes Against Biotech which will include a workspace to provide refurbished bicycles for out-of-towners and at least one Critical Mass-style protest ride against the BIO convention. The rest of the week will include block parties, music, marches, and maybe even a few surprises on June 21, the Summer Solstice – the longest Day (of Action) of the year! Come to Philly to oppose biotech and sow the seeds of widespread resistance to industrial capitalism. We can and will destroy this machine from within – let’s get busy!

Under the Pavement Organizing Collective, Philadelphia underthepavement(at)

Here are only some of the specific offerings. All will take place at the Ethical Society Building, So. Rittenhouse Square, off 19th St.:

Sunday, June 19th

4 � 5 PM :: Yoga
Action Health and Safety Training
Intentional Comunities as Alternatives to the Dominant Food System Paradigm (Federation of Egalitarian Communities)

4 � 6 PM :: Anti-Oppression/Deconstructing Privilege

5 – 6 PM :: Security Culture and Patriarchy
Bicycle Maintenance Basics (Firehouse Bikes)
Radical Education and Unschooling

9 AM :: Action Spokescouncil

Monday, June 20th

11 AM – 12:15 PM :: Going Feral: Primitive Skills & Radical Homesteading (Wild Roots NC)

12 – 2 PM :: Radical Urban Sustainability (Rhizome Collective)

12:30 – 1 :45 :: Sexual Assault & Community Conflict Resolution (Philly Stands Up)

2 – 3:15 :: Permaculture Theory and Practice
Alternatives to Corporate Psychiatry (Freedom Center / Icarus Project)

3:30 – 4:30 :: Radical Gardening & Food Security (Winter Cache Project)
Radical Child Care and Theater (Green Circus)
Do-It-Yourself Solar Energy
Freeganism/Urban Foraging (

4:30 – 5:30 :: Soccer in Rittenhouse Square

5:30 – 6:45 :: Short Films Fest
Optimal Nutrition for Activists (Kind Cafe)

8 – 9 :: Intro to Food Not Bombing (North Philly FNB)
GBUG Visioning Session: Planning our next Gathering?

9 PM :: Action Spokescouncil