Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!




[Photos are from “Biodemocracy 2005” events in Philadelphia]

BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry’s international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007.

View our schedule of events here. Additional resources were formerly available at (now inactive).
See video and hear audio of our press conference on Friday, May 4th and other Biojustice 2007 events.

Click here to view an image of the Biodevastation/Biojustice posters created by the Beehive Design Collective (1.2 mb jpeg).

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The biotech industry is bringing thousands of executives, lawyers, public relations people and corporate scientists to Boston to promote their agenda of genetically engineered food, unaffordable high-tech medicines and dangerous ‘biodefense’ research that increases the threat of new biological weapons. Through parades, rallies, educational events and publications, music, a free health care clinic and free daily non-GMO meals, Biojustice 2007 will dramatize popular resistance to this agenda and highlight a wealth of community-based alternatives.

BioJustice 2007 supports a decentralized local food economy that is free of genetically modified organisms, and is committed to working towards an accessible health care system not dominated by pharmaceutical companies and their costly and unreliable synthetic drugs. We oppose the commodification of life and support community resistance to the plans for a biological weapons lab in the heart of the Roxbury neighborhood. Join us!

For more info., email spokes(at) or squash(at)

We need:

1. Local folks to help organize: find spaces for events, secure donations, put up flyers, etc.

2. Herbalists, doctors, nurses, EMTs and street medics to volunteer in the free clinic and in the streets during the week of BioJustice. Donate to the clinic herbs, tinctures or medical supplies by emailing mblue(at) or towhombeautyistruth(at)

3. Food and monetary donations.

4. Sign makers, marchers and puppeteers for the demonstrations.

5. People to help in the kitchen cooking and serving food.

6. Help spread the word! Forward this information.

Saddle up and join us for the Seed Sow Road Show! This 4 day, 100 mile bike tour will start in Providence, RI on May 1st, ride 50 miles to Worcester, MA, then 50 miles to Boston for BioJustice, 2007, stopping at gardens, farms and schools along the way! We will be volunteering to help folks in their gardens and farms, playing music and performing puppet shows for kiddies and farmers. Bring performances and presentations, come with your material rehearsed and ready to go. Or come along for the ride and the farming! Be prepared with a working bicycle, tour equipment, a helmet, camping gear, and expect to pitch in! Info. and RSVP via spokes(at)

[Above photos of Biodemocracy 2005 in Philadelphia courtesy of PhillyIMC]