Get involved and donate!




We can’t stop the earth-eating insanity perpetuated by greedy biotechnology corporations all by ourselves. We need your help!

Want to join a working group? Check out the list of working groups here – and contact the point person of the group(s) you want to be involved in, become a point person for a group that has none, or create your own working group. Your own unique talents, experiences, and thoughts are welcome, encouraged, and vitally important.

Please donate! We work for a world in which finances are not the limiting factor in the activities people engage in, but are unfortunately not there quite yet. We need everything we can come up with to transform our collective vision into a reality that can’t be ignored or denied!

Your tax-deductible contribution will help continue our critical work. Please give a Gift today. (See below for “in-kind” items we need.) Please make checks out to ISE Biotech Project and write “BioDemocracy” in the memo area. Then mail your contribution to:

Biotechnology Project, Institute for Social Ecology, 1118 Maple Hill Road Plainfield, Vermont 05667

We have many other needs in addition to cash donations:

� Donate housing for speakers and activists
� Donate (or loan) computers, copier, printers and telephones
� Donate cell phones, walkie-talkies and video equipment
� Donate used (or new!) bicycles for the mobilization to use
� Donate vans or large vehicles that we can convert to veggie or biodiesel
� Donate printing or copying costs for our postcards, posters, fliers and newspapers, recycled print paper and ink cartridges
� Donate art supplies and graphic art skills
� Donate warehouse space for a public Welcome Center
� Donate gardening tools/water hoses/drip lines/soil/mulch/straw-bales for the greening of the Welcome Center and for the various Garden and Eco Projects we are planning
� Donate plants and seedlings to give away
� Donate goodies for our Really REALLY Free Market
� Donate displays, tables, skills demonstrations, and children’s activities for our Saturday, June 18th alternatives festival
� Donate food, both ingredients and prepared (GMO-Free)
� Donate tables, tablecloths, awnings
� Loan a sound system and technical assistance
� Get your organization to co-sponsor the mobilization or
� Endorse the BioDemocracy 2005 Statement of Unity:

To offer any of the items listed above, please contact Nathaniel Miller at the Student Environmental Action Coalition: 215-222-4711, or nathaniel(at)