Animal Rights Conference June 18th




On June 18th, HUGS FOR PUPPIES will host an anti-vivisection conference in response to BIO 2005. Not only do animals suffer needlessly from inhumane experiments � these experiments are harmful to humans as well. After all, can we really learn about human anatomy by studying a cat? For every toxin, there is an animal that is immune to it – and corporations are constantly searching for an animal immune to their toxins to protect themselves from legal liability when their products make people sick. The conference will take place from noon until 7:30 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society (1906 S. Rittenhouse Square). Speakers include Kevin Jonas, an animal rights activist currently charged with “animal enterprise terrorism” and facing 23 years in prison for operating a web site. Other speakers include Dr. Ray Greek, Michelle Rokke, and Alka Chandna. Contact for more info: hugsforpuppies(at)