Invitation: 5th Annual Institute for Social Ecology Summer Colloquium





“Social Ecology and the Future of Resistance”

Fifth Annual Summer Colloquium – Institute for Social Ecology

Marshfield, VT USA

August 19-21

Application/Registration Deadline: June 1, 2011

(please see below)



The Institute for Social Ecology invites abstracts for papers and presentations for our fifth annual summer colloquium scheduled for August 19-21 in Marshfield, VT. Workshop and presentation periods are intended to facilitate the development of specific writing and activist projects as well as the theory/praxis of social ecology.

The dramatic events in Northern Africa and across the “Middle East” this winter have rekindled long-dormant discussions about the meaning and possibilities of revolution in our time. Meanwhile, the rising profile of a more ideologically-driven right wing in the US has raised historical and political questions about the continuing legacy of liberalism in the US.

How does social ecology help us rethink the underlying tensions here?


Some questions and topics for proposals include:

  • Social Ecology in a Global Context: For example, what does social ecology have to contribute to discussion surrounding the situation in Northern Africa or in Israel/Palestine?
  • Social Ecology and Solidarity: How can social ecology and social ecologists act in solidarity with social movements and/or organizations engaged in complementary work?
  • Revisiting the “Reform” vs “Revolution” debate: is there a “third option”?
  • Do the conditions of neoliberalism compel a re-thinking of a libertarian municipalist or dual-power strategy
  • Considering the question of non-violence in relation to libertarian municipalism or building towards a dual-power situation.
  • The crisis of liberalism: we invite critical analyses.

***NOTE: these are suggested topics only. We welcome all paper proposals that demonstrate a clear contribution to the work of the ISE community.***

  • We expect high-quality, rigorous papers, though, we wish to emphasize that we value and encourage a variety of writing styles and “tone” — that is, we expect strong papers but papers need not necessarily adopt a formal or conventionally “academic” model.
  • In addition, we very much value and encourage paper proposals that deal directly with activist projects or questions of activist praxis.
  • The use of multimedia (video/audio) is welcomed and encouraged. If you require A/V equipment, please include this information in your proposal.
  • Please send abstracts ( 350-500 words) which briefly describe your paper/presentation objectives and demonstrate a clear contribution to the work of the ISE community to Brian Tokar ( by June 1. Final papers and presentation details will be due on July 15 with the expectation of distributing to Colloquium attendees by August 1 to allow for everyone to arrive having read the papers and or familiarized themselves with presentation details. We ask that you please respect these deadlines as they are intended to facilitate optimal planning and actual Colloquium experience for all.


Location and time: The colloquium will be held at the home of Dan and Betsy Chodorkoff, in Marshfield, Vermont, starting on the Afternoon of Friday, August 19 and concluding in the Afternoon of Sunday, August 21.

Registration: The Colloquium is intended to be a space for focused discussion on the development of social ecology, both theory and praxis, as well as a time for renewal and building of the ISE community. As space is, unfortunately, limited we are asking that you please submit a brief “application” by **June 1, 2011**  Please also consider attending the ISE Intensive (taking place August 9-17, 2011 in upstate New York) which will include a more comprehensive schedule of courses, workshops, etc.


To attend the colloquium please submit a short statement that briefly explains your relationship and familiarity with social ecology and the ISE. In addition, You should articulate the contributions you intend to make to the Colloquium gathering and what you hope to get out of attending. NOTE: while proposing a paper is certainly welcomed it is not a requirement for attendance. We recognize the many ways in which attendees can contribute to the Colloquium experience.


***Please send your Registration/Application materials to:***

If we receive more applications than space allows, we will have to make determinations based upon our goals for the Colloquium experience. Those applicants who we are unable to accomodate for the Colloquium are invited and encouraged to attend the ISE Intensive.

Participation will be limited to 30 people. Indoor housing, nearby hotels, and camping options will be available.

Meals: We will begin the weekend eating lunch together on Friday at 12:30pm.  Continental breakfasts will be served Saturday and Sunday mornings.  All meals are included: Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch.


Lodging: There are nearby bed and breakfasts and a motel, as well as on-site camping available. There will be a limited number of indoor on-site options on a need-based priority basis. We will do our best to assist you in finding lodging and also to help coordinate carpool/transportation; please let us know what we can do to help! (

Fees: The fee for the weekend is sliding scale from $250 to $150 per person.  We ask that you please give on the higher end of this fee spectrum to support the Institute for Social Ecology, which has ongoing costs to sustain our organization, but few sources of income.  We also want to make this financially workable for people in various financial situations, so please be frank if you need financial assistance for this event, as it is available.  For perspective, approximately $75 covers the basic expenses for delicious, healthy food and helping to adequately compensate our cook for the weekend.  Bring cash or a check (made out to “Institute for Social Ecology”) to the colloquium, and it will be collected on Friday night.

The 2011 Social Ecology Colloquium Organizing Committee:

Ben Grosscup,  Brian Tokar,  Chaia Heller,  Dan Chodorkoff, Josh Telson,  Karl Hardy, and Samantha Gorelick.