New SEEDS newsletter

ISE Board member and SEEDS co-founder Bob Spivey writes:

We would like to announce the premiere issue of the new quarterly
SEEDS newsletter, Broadcast. Our first issue includes an article on
the future and promise of the Occupy movement by noted author Brian
Tokar, an interview with frontline activist Swaneagle Harijan about
her experience within the Occupy movement, an article on building a
just and ecological urban neighborhood interdependence by permaculture
teacher Emet Degirmenci, and a report on the Eden Reframed eco-art
project by artist Beverly Naidus. Our intention is to develop a
semi-independent publication with its own identity as well as social
and aesthetic value, presenting information and reflections on a broad
range of issues, from the local to the global. We are preparing an
online version of the newsletter as well, available through a link at

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