Rise & fall of the Argentine assembly movement

Norwegian social ecologist Sveinung Legard has posted to the New Compass website an enlightening review of a recent University of Oregon senior thesis, which explores the history of the popular assemblies that emerged throughout Argentina during the height of their 2001 financial crisis. Most notably, the thesis explores the reasons for the demise of the Argentine assembly movement, particularly the divisive involvement of left political parties and the state’s attempts to satisfy the assemblies’ more moderate demands.  Sveinung writes:

I have chosen to write a short review of Thompson’s thesis, because I think the lessons learned in Argentina may be valuable for the assembly movements emerging around the world. If we are going to succeed in our struggle for “real democracy,” we have to learn from the success’ and failures of past movements with similar ambitions.

The full story is at http://new-compass.net/news/fall-argentine-assembly-movement.


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  1. In the light of the continuing operation of the ‘Occupy’ movement, it will be of interest to see if this movement will be taken over by political parties, in particular Communist/socialist Workers/ Labour Unions/Social Democrats, etc.as happened with the Argentinian assemblies.
    Any movement that aspires to represent the ‘99%’ must include all perspectives,and thereby every political party, and every nationality! They will have to keep the focus upon the redistribution of wealth, the alleviation of poverty, the rigorous taxation of capital gains, the maintenance of fair wages, the control of discrimination, and the abolition of multi-million dollar bonuses, among other actions. Can these actions be taken within existing legislative frameworks? Or will there have to be new frameworks? Can these actions be enacted by community assemblies? or will they require
    national/regional/international assemblies?
    j.kelvyn richards
    http://www.kelvynrichards.com…….A Discourse:Social Ecology

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