On OWS’ 2-year anniversary, 3 new Occupy books




OWS 9.17.13
OWS Anniversary March, Sept. 17th, 2013.

September 17th is the 2-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and all the kindred movements that spun off from that incredible day in lower Manhattan.  Al Jazeera America offers reviews of 3 new Occupy books that have just been released:

Nathan Schneider ‘s “Thank You, Anarchy: Notes From The Occupy Apocalypse” (University of California Press)

Mark Bray’s “Translating Anarchy, The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street” (Zero Books)

David Graeber’s “The Democracy Project: A History, A Crisis, A Movement” (Spiegel and Grau)

You can read the review at Some excerpts are also available to read at the usual online book outlets.