Green Perspectives: Missing Issues




Thanks to Vincent Gerber in Geneva, we now have text scans of several of the issues of Green Perspectives and Left Green Perspectives that were previously missing from this site, as well as from other online sources.

GP 9

GP 11

GP 12

GP 13

GP 39 

See the complete back issue list for a listing of the contents of each of these issues.

The articles available at and elsewhere (some may require a login) are:

Left Green Perspectives Number 41, january 2000
Full pdf :

Thoughts on Libertarian Municipalism (Murray Bookchin)

Left Green Perspectives Number 40, february 1999
Full pdf :

Eirik Eiglad : Bases for Communalist Programs :

Green Perspectives 17
Full pdf :
Janet Biehl : Women and the democratic Tradition II

Green Perspectives 16
Full pdf :
Janet Biehl Women and the democratic Tradition I

Green Perspectives 7
Janet Biehl : The Politics of Myth
Full pdf :

Green Perspectives 4-5 (double issue)
Murray Bookchin : Social ecology versus “deep ecology”
(not the original, but it should be the same text, except for the quotation marks on the term “deep ecology”)

Green Perspectives 3
Full pdf :
Janet Biehl : Ecofeminism and deep ecology unresolvable conflict

Green Perspectives 2
Murray Bookchin : Municipalization : Community Ownership of the Economy

Green Perspectives 1
Murray Bookchin The Greening of Politics :