Left Green Perspectives [Complete list of issues]




Left Green Perspectives was published regularly between 1986 and early 1999, with an additional issue in January 2000. It originated from the Social Ecology Project in Burlington, Vermont, and was co-edited by Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl. The prices listed with each issue represent the cover price at the time of publication; print editions are no longer available.

Issue #1 (January 1986) $.50:
“The Greening of Politics: Toward a New Kind of Political Practice,” by Murray Bookchin; “Radical Ecologist Fundis vs. Reformist Realos in the German Green Party,” by Howard Hawkins
Issue #2 (February 1986) $.50:
“Municipalization: Community Ownership of the Economy,” by Murray Bookchin Issue #3 (June 1986) $.75: “Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology: Unresolvable Conflict?” by Janet Biehl
Issue #4-5 (Summer 1987) $1.00:
“Social Ecology versus ‘Deep Ecology’: A Challenge for the Ecology Movement,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #6 (May 1988) $.75:
“The Crisis in the Ecology Movement,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #7 (June 1988) $.75:
“The Politics of Myth,” by Janet Biehl; “Who Are the Left Greens?”
Issue #8 (July 1988) $.75:
“The Population Myth,” part 1 by Murray Bookchin
Issue #9 (August 1988) $.75:
An Interview with Jutta Ditfurth; review of Werner Hülsberg’s The German Greens: A Social and Political Profile, by Phil Hill
Issue #10 (Sept. 1988) $.75:
“Yes!–Whither Earth First!?” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #11 (October 1988) $.75:
“What Is Social Ecofeminism?” by Janet Biehl
Issue #12 (November 1988) $.75:
“On Strategic Nonviolence: Peace or Social Revolution–Which Way the Greens?” by Gary Sisco
Issue #13 (December 1988) $.75:
Ideological Conflict in the German Greens: “Yuppie Ho!” by Rainer Trampert and Thomas Ebermann (excerpts); “The Utne Reader–Some Unfinished Business,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #14 (January 1989) $.75:
Policy Statements: “Capitalism,” “Consensus,” and “Theistic Spirituality,” by Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl; Letter from Kym Lambert, with reply by Biehl
Issue #15 (April 1989) $.75:
“The Population Myth,” part 2 by Murray Bookchin; letter from Chaz Bufe, with reply by Biehl
Issues #16-17 (June 1989 and August 1989) $.75 each:
“Women and the Democratic Tradition,” parts 1 and 2 by Janet Biehl; letter from Lawrence Thompson, with reply by Biehl
Issue #18 (November 1989) $.75:
“Radical Politics in an Era of Advanced Capitalism.” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #19 (February 1990) $.75:
“Western European Greens: Movement or Parliamentary Party?” by Janet Biehl; “East German Greens Update”; “The Shrinkoids” by Dick McCormack
Issue #20 (November 1990) $.75:
“The Meaning of Confederalism,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #21 (December 1990) , $.75:
“Voices of the German Left: On Parliamentarism, Party Formation, and the State”; interview with Jutta Ditfurth of the German Greens; “Comments on the Radical Left” by Georg Fülberth, Thomas Ebermann, I, and Peter Waller
Issue #22 (May 1991) $.75:
“The Left That Was: A Personal Reflection” by Murray Bookchin; “Nationalists of All Countries, Unite!” by Bernd Siegler
Issue #23 (June 1991) $.75:
“A Critique of the Draft Program of the Left Green Network,” by Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl; “Farewell to the German Greens,” by Janet Biehl
Issue #24 (October 1991) $.75:
“Libertarian Municipalism: An Overview,” by Murray Bookchin; Letter from Richard Evanoff, with reply by Janet Biehl; “British Green Party Cofounder Icke Goes New Age,” by Wendy M. Grossman
Issue #25 (January 1992) $.75:
European Reports: “Russian Eco-Anarchism: An Interview with Sergey Fomichov”; “Greens Fade in Slow Motion,” by Tim Andrewes (U.K.); “Italian Experiments in Communal Democracy and Confederalism, with Communes and Federalism,” by Bruno Vettore; “Radical Ecology after the German
Greens: An Interview with Jutta Ditfurth”
Issue #26 (May 1992) $.75:
“New Right Ideology as a Challenge for the Left”; “Pogroms Begin in the Mind,” by Wolfgang Haug
Issue #27 (August 1992) $.75:
“Ecofascism: Neither Left nor Up Front but Far Right”; “Should We Work in Coalition with ‘Right-to-Lifers’ and Racists?” by the Cologne Anti-EC Group; “Massacre the Poor!” by Thomas Ebermann; letter from Mike McConkey, with reply by Bookchin and Biehl
Issue #28 (1993) $.75:
“Social Ecology: International Reports”: Reports on social ecology activities in Greece, Italy, Germany, United States, Uruguay, Quebec, and Russia; Continuation of McConkey debate in letters section
Issue #29 (Mar. 1994) $1.00 :
“History, Civilization and Progress: Outline for a Criticism of Modern Relativism,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #30 (July 1994) $1.50:
“Matriliny and Mother Goddess Religion,” by Brian Morris; “When Socialists Discovered They Were Liberals . . .” by Robert Keller
Issue #31 (October 1994) $1.00:
“What Is Communalism? The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism,” by Murray Bookchin
Issue #32 (December 1994) $1.50:
“Inside Russia Today: An Interview with Vadim Damier” by Wolfgang Haug
Issue #33 (October 1995) $1.00:
“When Realism Becomes Capitulation: Theses on Social Ecology in a Period of Reaction,” by Murray Bookchin; “Theses on Social Ecology and Deep Ecology,” by Janet Biehl
Issue #34 (December 1995) $1.00:
“Is Russia on the Road to Dictatorship?” by Markus Mathyl
Issue #35 (January 1996) $1.00:
“From Green Messiah to New Age Nazi,” by Matthew Kalman and John Murray; “Jungian Mysteries,” a review of Richard Noll’s The Jung Cult: Origins of a Charismatic Movement, by Janet Biehl
Issue #36 (February 1996) $1.00:
“Terror Reigns in Manhattan,” by Michael D. Weiss; review of Kirkpatrick Sale’s Rebels Against the Future: The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution, by Janet Biehl
Issue #37 (April 1996) $1.00:
“Militia Fever,” by Janet Biehl
Issue #38 (April 1998) $.75:
“The Unity of Ideals and Practice,” by Murray Bookchin; International Call for an International/Interpolis Conference on The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism, An Anarchist Agenda for the 21st Century, Lisbon, Portugal, August 26-28, 1998; “Disney Fears Local Democracy,” by Janet Biehl
Issue #39 (Fall 1998):
“Anarcho-Syndicalism and Libertarian Municipalism”: A dialogue  between the International Organizing Com­mittees of the international conference on The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism and the anarcho-syndicalist interna­tional, the International Worker ‘s Association (lWA), which is known in Portugal as the AIT.
Issue #40 (February 1999):
“Communalist Prospects: A Review of Robert Kaplan’s Empire Wilderness and Mike Davis’ City of Quartz
“Bases for Communalist Programs,” by Eirik Eiglad
Issue #41 (January 2000):
Report on the Plainfield Conference:  “Thoughts on Libertarian Municipalism” (Murray Bookchin)
Eirik Eiglad : The birth of a Democratic Alternative
Janet Biehl : Conference Report : “The politics of Social Ecology”