Introduction to Social Ecology online seminar starts April 8 – enroll today!

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Our popular introductory seminar Ecology Democracy Utopia starts again next week, meeting Mondays at 10 am PST/1 pm ET April 8 through May 27. Write us to enroll today!

This eight-week seminar provides a comprehensive overview of Social Ecology, exploring a broad range of interconnected themes including social hierarchy and domination, nature philosophy, capitalism, technology and agriculture, direct democracy and the state, movement history and strategy, and reconstructive vision. Participants will learn the foundations of social ecology and apply these insights to a variety of contemporary political and ecological problems, sharpening their understanding of the world while developing visionary ideas to change it. Combines video lecture, texts, weekly seminar discussion, and online forums. The course will run on Mondays at 1 pm ET from April 8th to May 27th, registration fee is $80.

To enroll, contact us at