Rethinking Social Transformation online seminar: Apr. 29-May 27




Enroll today for the spring session of our online seminar Rethinking Social Transformation! Taught by ISE faculty Rob Ogman, this five-session seminar that explores the challenges and possibilities of linking emancipatory vision to practical political engagement in the current historical context. It meets Mondays at 3 pm ET from April 29 to May 27.

The course brings Social Ecology into conversation with a variety of thinkers and traditions, comparing dialectical versus conventional thought via Ernst Bloch and Murray Bookchin, exploring the potentialities for change in specific historical moments with Karl Marx and Karl Polanyi, reading Gramsci and Poulantzas on the relationship of capitalism and the state, and discussing political strategy through the work of Rosa Luxemburg and David Harvey. Full syllabus on request.

Registration costs $80 and is open to everyone, but space is limited. Our classes are typically very international; we encourage global participation and offer scholarships to students from underrepresented areas. To reserve a spot contact us at and pay the enrollment fee here.