Murray Bookchin Centennial Conference & Events

2021 marks the centennial of the birth of Murray Bookchin, the founding theorist of social ecology and co-founder of the Institute for Social Ecology. We are excited to announce a year-long series of events to celebrate 100 years of Bookchin!

This will include a major conference this coming fall or early next winter honoring his intellectual and political contributions, as well as new exhibitions by the Vermont Folklife Center, Bronx Historical Society, and the Vermont State Library system exploring Bookchin’s legacy and contemporary activism inspired by Social Ecology.

In celebration of Murray Bookchin’s centenary in January, ROAR Magazine has assembled a series of tributes and reflections titled Celebrating the power of ideas: A tribute to Murray Bookchin, curated by his daughter Debbie Bookchin.  It features contributions from 18 Kurdish, European and US activists and thinkers, including Dan Chodorkoff and Brian Tokar from the ISE.

Stay tuned for more details, and please consider supporting this project via Patreon!

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