2021 ISE Summer Intensive: From Social Distancing to Social Transformation (June 11-15)




Join us June 11-15 for our annual Social Ecology Intensive! Together, we will spend five days exploring social-ecological transformation in theory and practice, examining contemporary political issues through a transformative interdisciplinary perspective.  Bringing together ISE faculty, activists, scholars, and participants from around the world, our Intensives combine classes, workshops, and rich discussions guided by the goal of creating a free, ecological, and truly democratic society. We hope you’ll join us for what is always an inspiring experience of radical education, political strategizing, comradely networking, and utopian visioning!

The program (under construction) will include classes by ISE faculty as well as guest speakers. Topics include The Philosophy & Politics of Social Ecology, Understanding & Overcoming Capitalism, Building Dual Power & Revolutionary Movements, Food & Climate Justice. We will have panels and guest lectures on  (Bini Adamczek: Tomorrow’s Future, Zero COVID; Saladdin Ahmed – writer/professor;  LA Tenants Union), Black and Indigenous Resistance (Black Socialists of America), Social Ecology and Health, Catherine Rottenberg (The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism, The Care Manifesto), and more!






Friday June 11: Afternoon

5-6 PM

Welcome/Introductions (breakout rooms)


Friday June 11: Afternoon


Introduction to Social Ecology 

Dan Chodorkoff

Friday June 11: Evening 


Social time/getting to know each other (Zoom breakouts)


Saturday June 12: Morning


Philosophy & Politics of Social Ecology

Chaia Heller

Saturday June 12: Afternoon


Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Confronting the Past & Reconstructing the Future

Bini Adamczak

Saturday June 12: Evening Keynote Speaker

5-7 pm

Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence against Neoliberal Feminism

Catherine Rottenburg

Sunday June 13 


Philosophy & Politics of Social Ecology

Dan Chodorkoff

Sunday June 13: Afternoon


Building Dual Power and Revolutionary Movements

Symbiosis, Emre Sahin

Monday June 14: 


Social Ecology, Health Care, and Radical Politics

Ashlie Taylor, Cassie Thornton, Shari Laliberte

Monday June 14: Evening Lecture?

5-7 pm

Black and Indigenous Resistance

Tajh and Glen (Black Socialists of America), Roberto Mendoza (Cooperation Tulsa), Kazembe Balagun Rosa Luxemburg Foundation),

Tuesday June 15: Morning

10 am-12 pm

Climate Justice and Community Renewal

Brian Tokar

Tuesday June 15: Evening

5-7 pm

Feminist Theory and Praxis Today 

Marina Sitrin, Marcela Olivera, Franz Carroll, 

Wednesday June 16: Morning


History of Anarchism

Phil Kropotkin

Wednesday June 16:  Afternoon


Closing Circle



To register, complete the form below or email us at  Everyone is welcome to participate, we ask for a suggested donation of $30 from those who can afford it – no one turned away for lack of funds.

We look forward to learning and changing the world together –  please help us spread the word!

Social Ecology Intensive Registration

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