Institute for Social Ecology Position Opening: Racial and Environmental Justice Coordinator




Posting date: April 21, 2021

Racial & Environmental Justice Coordinator

The Institute for Social Ecology is seeking to hire a racial and environmental justice coordinator to join our team. The ISE has long held that while the ecological crisis is global, the causes and effects of these crises are not evenly distributed.  A political and economic elite is responsible for creating ecological problems that disproportionately impact the poor and people of color. Social ecology applies an anti-hierarchical analysis of power to ecological devastation that locates the causes of ecological devastation in not only the logic of capitalism and state power, but also in intersectional social hierarchies including racism, hetero-patriarchy, and colonialism.  

Since 1974, the ISE has worked in solidarity with communities of color throughout our region and beyond, including Puerto Rican urban homesteaders and housing activists in New York City, Mohawk and Abenaki communities in New York and Vermont, comrades in Kurdistan and Turkey, as well as organizers in Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

The ISE is now seeking someone who can contribute to its educational and advocacy work, with particular emphasis on environmental justice and antiracist organizing. The ideal candidate will be familiar with social ecology and have interest in developing educational programming on the intersection of racial and ecological/environmental issues. Responsibilities will include:

  • Developing a lecture/panel discussion series on current debates in antiracist theory and praxis.
  • Collaborate with other ISE faculty to develop an eight-session online course examining the intersections between antiracist theory and social ecology.
  • Soliciting writings that address racial inequality from an intersectional critique of hierarchy for our blog and Harbinger journal.
  • Building relationships of solidarity with like-minded POC-led organizations.

This part-time position entails 10-15 hours of work a week at $25 an hour. Please send a CV or resume with cover letter discussing your past work on racial justice as well as your relationship to social ecology to We will close the search on June 7.