Towards a People’s Green New Deal: Max Ajl in Conversation with Kali Akuno

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The term “Green New Deal” has been taken up by a wide variety of political actors as the most feasible solution to the climate crisis. But is it? In many versions, its basic orientation remains rooted in the market logic of same system that produced the crisis – capitalism. Can the system that produced the crisis produce it’s solution?  

Kali Akuno explores these questions in conversation with Max Ajl, author of the book A People’s Green New Deal (2021), discussing radical alternatives rooted in decolonization, anti-imperialism, and the transformation of the world’s relations of production. 

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This conversation is the first in a new series of video interviews exploring the intersection of racial and environmental justice curated by Kali Akuno. Upcoming guests include: Monica Atkins (Climate Justice Alliance ) and Bineshi Albert (Climate Justice Alliance/Indigenous Environmental Network).