Beyond the Limitations of the Green New Deal: A Discussion with Monica Atkins of the CJA




Friday, January 14th, 2022 at 2 pm EST/1 pm CST/12 pm MST/11 am PST

Join us for a discussion with Monica Atkins, Co-Executive Director of the Climate Justice Alliance, on the limitations of the Green New Deal. This conversation, part 2 of our discussion series with the leadership of the Climate Justice Alliance, will focus on the alternative solutions CJA partner organizations have been developing for decades, and how this work relates to new developments like Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and COP26.


Monica, one of the dynamic new leaders of CJA, is based in Jackson, Mississippi. She journeyed to CJA via her work at the intersections of the trade union and solidarity economy movements with Cooperation Jackson. The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is one of the leading advocates for climate justice in North America. CJA is an alliance of over 70 frontline organizations from Indigenous, Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, and white working class urban and rural communities. Unlike many of the alliances and formations in the struggle for climate justice that focus primarily on policy, lobbying, or mass mobilization, CJA members focus primarily on the development and implementation of viable solutions to the climate crisis that focus on the development of new, autonomous institutions and productive systems focusing on creating community centered solutions to the climate crisis.

Our first interview was with Ozawa Bineshi Albert, Co-Executive Director of the Climate Justice Alliance. The interview focused on COP26, it’s limitations, and what grassroots forces are doing to advance concrete solutions to the climate crisis. You can view the video here.