Brian Tokar on “Alternative Radio” this week

During the week of May 9th, David Barsamian’s weekly Alternative Radio program is featuring Brian Tokar’s recent talk on climate justice, recorded at Naropa University in Boulder, CO this past

“Mumford Gutkind Bookchin” – A brief review

Review of Janet Biehl’s booklet, Mumford Gutkind Bookchin: The Emergence of Eco-Decentralism (available from New Compass Press) by Brian Tokar The link between ecology and decentralist politics is often taken

Social Ecologist Profile: Rafter Sass of Urbana, IL

Please introduce yourself (What kind of work you do, Where you live,  etc.) I’m a research agroecologist, Permaculture designer, and educator-activist. I recently moved to Urbana, IL, with my partner Brook, where I’m

Audio: Capitalism, Climate Change, and Social Conflicts

Now Available: audio from a 2011 Left Forum panel discussion entitled “Capitalism, Climate Change, and Social Conflicts.” The panelists include ISE Director Brian Tokar, Chris Williams (Pace University), and Younes Abouyoub (Columbia

Tokar book tour for “Toward Climate Justice” & “Agriculture and Food in Crisis”

ISE Director Brian Tokar is doing a book tour in support of his recent titles Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change (Communalism Press), and  Agriculture and

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Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!

BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry’s international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007.

Audio from Reclaim the Commons in Chicago

Audio from Reclaim the Commons 2006 in Chicago is now available at

The featured panel discussion took place on April 8, 2006 at DePaul University, in response to the BIO industry convention held the following week in Chicago. On the panel: Anuradha Mittal (Oakland Institute), Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero (Puerto Rican Project on Biosafety), John Kinsman (National Family Farm Coalition), and Sarah Alexander (White Earth Land Recovery Project). The panel was moderated by Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Resonsible Technology).

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The world’s largest convention of biotech and pharmaceutical executives is coming to Philadelphia this June.

Join us to resist their closed-door corporate agenda of GE agriculture, health care for profit, and bioweapons proliferation.

Give voice to a different vision of local food sovereignty, fair trade, health care for all, community power, biodiversity and honest science.

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BIODEMOCRACY 2005: Reclaim the Commons!

CALLING ON ALL PEOPLE who resent the demise of democracy and hold to the promise of authentic popular empowerment! All who dare to paint poems of resistance on walls of oppression, dance in city streets in defiance of police states, and plant seeds of sedition in the shadows of Empire: come to Philadelphia! As the world’s leading agents of eco-devastation and medical malpractice meet here in June, we cannot stand quiet. Join us to challenge the corporate crime, poisons for profit, and flagrant lies of the biotechnology industry, at the time of their annual international convention, with a creative uprising for truth, life and justice!

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