New Book & website: Public Health and Social Justice

From Martin Donohoe, a Portland, Oregon medical doctor and long-time supporter of efforts to expose the hazards of GMOs: His website contains a vast archive of articles, slide shows, syllabi, and other documents relevant to topics in more than 30 key areas of public health and social justice. Regarding Dr. Donohoe’s book, Dr. […]

New book: “Recovering Bookchin”

New Compass Press, based in Norway, has just announced the publication of Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time, written by Sheffield Hallam University (UK) Senior Lecturer, Dr. Andy Price. New Compass describes the rationale for this book: Through an extensive body of political and philosophical ideas he called social ecology, Murray […]

Remembering Barry Commoner, 1917-2012

From The Nation online today, by Occidental College professor, Peter Dreier: At the ISE, we especially remember Barry Commoner for his pioneering advocacy for renewable energy and against nuclear power, his socially and politically conscious approach to environmental sustainability, his work against waste incineration and dioxin contamination in the late 1980s, and his return […]

Seven Left Myths about Capitalism

G. B. Taylor is a former student and long-time supporter of the ISE, currently living in Berlin. Comments and discussion are appreciated: 7 Left Myths about Capitalism G.B. Taylor Occupy Wall Street has renewed hope for a left political renaissance by challenging economic inequality and the neoliberal discourse that legitimated it, and reintroducing the word […]

Rethinking nature and culture

ISE board member Eleanor Finley recommends this interview with philosopher and Rice University literature professor, Timothy Morton. In his new book, The Ecological Thought, Morton examines prevailing assumptions about nature and culture in mainstream society and ecological activism. Using metaphysics and object-relations theory, he concludes that nature is “no more” than a social construction. The […]

Imboden: In search of a broad, coherent social ecology

This short essay, by Arizona-based social ecologist Charles Imboden, raises some provocative questions about the evolution of social ecology and proposes a reconciliation of some currents that have often been in conflict.  Comments, as always, are strongly encouraged. This originally appeared on the author’s blog at Recently, someone immersed in Murray Bookchin‘s late-period works […]

The Occupy movement in North America and Europe

From social ecologist Raf Grinfeld in Belgium: Many people in Europe were surprised to see the Occupy Together movement become so big in North America, even those of the Left who had seen more and more interesting popular protests in the Middle East and the south of Europe in 2011, and had hopes that a […]

From the streets of Montreal: Le printemps érable

The phrase ‘printemps érable‘ translates as “Maple Spring,” but it also sounds like the French for Arab Spring. A new website, (also available at, offers a diverse mix of messages, commentaries and news stories from the Quebecois French press and activist blogs, e.g. this excerpt from a story by one of the site administrators. […]

“The Meaning and Necessity of Revolution in the 21st Century”

An exceptional work of analysis and vision from one of the most astute observers of the present worldwide revolt. Jerome E. Roos is the founder of (Reflections on a Revolution), and has traveled extensively in southern Europe over the past year. This is from a talk he gave in Barcelona on the eve of […]