Social Ecologist Profile: Beverly Naidus of Vashon Island, WA USA

Beverly Naidus is an internationally recognized artist on the faculty at UW-Tacoma where she teaches courses in art for social change and healing. Interdisciplinary to her core, she works in many mediums, allowing the content to determine the form.  Themes in her work include the ecological crisis, fear of difference, unemployment, nuclear nightmares and her dreams […]

Biodemocracy 2005 Statement of Unity

Our survival, well-being, common heritage and democracy are currently under attack by the biotechnology industry. Without the knowledge or consent of the public, biotech corporations and government collaborators are making sweeping decisions about the future of life and human society on earth. We, a coalition of diverse groups and individuals, call for democratic participation in all such decisions, and for an immediate halt to the use of biotechnologies that threaten and harm the natural world, human health, and our prospects for a sustainable future.

Summer Solstice Day of Action: Tuesday, June 21st

On the Summer Solstice, rise up in Philadelphia’s streets and gardens for the “Longest Day (of Action) of the Year!” Shine a light on biotech and pharmaceutical hotspots in central Philadelphia and spark non-violent resistance to business as usual at BIO 2005.

The Municipal Economy

Our thanks to the author, Jesse Benn, for this this contribution. 1. Surrounding the idea of improving humanity’s relationships, with itself, and in the interaction of the human environment with the natural world, is the prospect of transcending the illusion of separation and hierarchical control through direct local community appropriation, across the planet, in the […]

The Modern Crisis

By Murray Bookchin This article originally appeared in Green Perspectives No. 2 February 1986. In my article, “Toward a Libertarian Municipalism2,” I advanced the view that any counterculture to the prevailing culture must be developed together with counterinstitutions to the prevailing institutions—a decentralized, confederal, popular power that will acquire the control over social and political […]