Intensive Seminar Readings

Please download the following PDFs and come prepared to discuss the readings

Social Ecology: From Theory to Practice

  1. Libertarian Municipalism- The New Municipal Agenda
  2. “What is Social Ecology” by Murray Bookchin

Climate Justice — Brian Tokar

  1. On Utopian Aspirations in the Climate Movement by Brian Tokar
  2. Climate Justice Movement by Brian Tokar
  3. “Toward a Movement for Climate Justice” by Brian Tokar from Uses of a Whirlwind: Contemporary Radical Currents in the US
  4. Movements for Climate Action: Toward Utopia or Apocalypse?” by Brian Tokar“
  5. “Capitalism vs. the Climate” by Naomi Klein
  6. Slides 1: Climate data + renewable energy
  7. Slides 2: Energy & economics
Download all Climate Justice Readings (Slides pdf’s need to be downloaded separately.)

Social Perspectives on Feminism — Chaia Heller

Rethinking the Left

  1.  “Which Way for the Alter-Left” by Chaia Heller

Revolutionary Organizations

  1. “To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936” by Murray Bookchin (reading the all three RED links best, or just the “An Overview of the Spanish Liberation Movement”)
  2.  Interview with Anarchist Black Panter Ashanti Alston: (the pdf version is for $ — read on line)
  3. Paul Glavin on Love and Rage
  4. A collection of analyses of Love and Rage
  5. “Anarchism and the Movement for a New Society: Direct Action and Prefigurative Community in the 1970s and 80s” by Andy Cornell
  6. Organization for a Free Society
Download all Revolutionary Organizations readings (except Alston Interview — open separately!)

Liberating Land for Community Control

  1. Land and Gentrification
  2. “Take Back The Land” by Max Rameau
  3. Lessons of NHU A debate on organizing
  4. A New and Unsettling Force by Poverty Initiative
  5. The Struggle for Space 10 yrs of turf battling By Sarah Ferguson
  6. LES Squatting by Moynihan
  7. Brief history of National Union of Homeless
  8. It’s Not Enough to be Angry by WILLIE BAPTIST
  9. Occupy to Liberate by Max Rameau
  10. Tips 4 Squatting
  11. Revolution and Evolution by James & Grace Lee Boggs
  12. The Struggle for Gardens by Mikalbrown
  13. Trail of Broken Treaties Occupation By Peltier

Aligning with Frontline Communities

  1. “Organizing Cools the Planet” by Hillary Moore and Joshua Kahn Russell  (Click on “free copy”; and then click “download” (will not hurt your computer)
  2. Community Organizing in Radical Times an Interview with Amy Sonnie and James Tracy
  3. Hillbilly Nationalists Urban Race Rebels and Black Power

Download all Frontline Communities meetings

Direct Democracy and Dual Power

  1.   “The Politics of Social Ecology” by Janet Biehl with Murray Bookchin
  2. “Illustrative Opposition” in The Ecology of Everyday Thought by Chaia Heller

Capitalism: Critiques and Alternatives

  1. What is Capitalism? Peter Staudenmaier
  2. Seven Left Myths About Capitalism. Blair Taylor
  3. “A Municipalized Economy” by Janet Biehl in The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism
  4. “Summary and Defense” by Michael Albert in Parecon: Life After Capitalism
  5. “Socialism As It Was Always Meant To Be” Albert and Hahnel
  6. “Community Control, Workers’ Control, and the Cooperative Commonwealth” by Howard Hawkins in Society and Nature #3
  7. McNally: Another World is Possible: McNalleyCh3Part1 & McNalleyCh3Part2

Building Strategic Mass Movements — Paul Getsos

Learning from the History of the US Left — Blair Taylor

Towards a Just Transition — Movement Generation/Brooke Anderson

Engaging in Democratic Movements through Art — David Solnit

  1. “Social Ecology and Community Development” by Dan Chodorkoff from Renewing the Earth 
  2. “The Utopian Impulse: Reflections on a Tradition” by Dan Chodorkoff in Harbinger Vol.1 No.1 
  3. “Social Ecology – Towards an Ecological Humanism” by Dan Chodorkoff 
  4. “Introduction: A Philosophical Naturalism” by Murray Bookchin in The Philosophy of Social Ecology
  5. “Thinking Ecologically” by Murray Bookchin in The Philosophy of Social Ecology
  6. “The Communalist Project” by Murray Bookchin in Harbinger Vol. 3 No. 1 (web link)
  7. “Libertarian Municipalism: An Overview” by Murray Bookchin (web link)
  8. Horkheimer_End of Reason_1941
  9. Shanin_Late Marx_Gods and Craftsmen

Download all Direct Democracy and Dual Power readings