Left Green Perspectives [Complete list of issues]

Left Green Perspectives was published regularly between 1986 and early 1999, with an additional issue in January 2000. It originated from the Social Ecology Project in Burlington, Vermont, and was co-edited by Murray Bookchin and Janet Biehl.

The Greens as a Social Movement: Values and Conflicts

– For Green Parties: Reflections on the First Three Decades, edited by Frank Zelko and Carolin Brinkmann, Heinrich Böll Foundation of North America, 2006. In the America of the mid 1980s, the dreams of a more just and ecological society that had flourished during the 1960s and seventies seemed in danger of disappearing into the […]

Left Green Perspectives [an introduction]

Left Green Perspectives (formerly Green Perspectives) A Social Ecology Publication The Social Ecology Project With the emergence of a new millennium, it should not be surprising that old socialist ideologies–borne of the Industrial Revolution–are no longer adequate to encompass the sweeping social changes that have occurred over the past two centuries. As transnational capitalism, facilitated […]

From Movement to Parliamentary Party: Notes on Several European Green Movements

This article was originally published in Society and Nature 3 (1993). It is a revised synthesis of “Western European Greens: Movement or Parliamentary Party?” Green Perspectives 19 (Feb. 1990); “Farewell to the German Greens,” Green Perspectives 23 (Jun. 1991); and “U.K. Greens Face the Future,” Regeneration 4 (Fall 1992). Thanks to Murray Bookchin for his […]