Srsly Wrong’s liberatory laughter

Steven R. D. Henderson Some forms of freedom are funny. For laughter holds hopeful seeds of a different world. Humour and democracy are similar. Adam Krause explains the former requires, “An understanding of, and an ability to move between, various modes of speaking and being.”[1] The latter needs cooperation with that same difference. It’s for […]

Popular Front zine review

In the context of crisis and conflict, Popular Front is a voice for the truth; its zine is a valuable addition to this project. Those wanting to learn more can visit or find them on most social media.

Coronavirus: what you need to know

The domination of nature has reached crisis proportions under capitalism, and viral outbreaks are yet another ecological problem. There are ways that we can prevent the spread of these pathogens: wash your hands, disinfect your phone, don’t touch your face and self-quarantine if you exhibit symptoms of being sick. But without addressing the root causes of these issues—capitalism and the idea of dominating nature—these sorts of problems will only worsen. Social ecology offers an alternative vision of what an ecological and socially just world might look like – a world organized around care instead of domination that fosters a reharmonization of humanity and non-human nature.