Left Green Perspectives (1988-2000)

Left Green Perspectives [Complete back issue list]

[Note: Left Green Perspectives was published regularly between 1986 and early 1999, with an additional issue in January 2000. The prices listed with each issue represent the cover price at the time of publication; print editions are no longer available.]

Issue #1 (January 1986) $.50: “The Greening of Politics: Toward a New Kind of Political Practice,” by Murray Bookchin; “Radical Ecologist Fundis vs. Reformist Realos in the German Green Party,” by Howard HawkinsIssue #2 (February 1986) $.50:”Municipalization: Community Ownership of the Economy,” by Murray Bookchin Issue #3 (June 1986) $.75: “Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology: Unresolvable Conflict?” by Janet BiehlIssue #4-5 […]

Green Perspectives: Missing Issues

Thanks to Vincent Gerber in Geneva, we now have copies of several of the issues of Green Perspectives and Left Green Perspectives that were previously missing from this site as well as from other online sources. Click on Read More for live download links to issues # 9, 11, 12, 13, and 39, as well as links to issues available at academia.edu and other websites.

Left Green Perspectives [an introduction]

Left Green Perspectives (formerly Green Perspectives)
A Social Ecology Publication

The Social Ecology Project

With the emergence of a new millennium, it should not be surprising that old socialist ideologies–borne of the Industrial Revolution–are no longer adequate to encompass the sweeping social changes that have occurred over the past two centuries. As transnational capitalism, facilitated by radically new technological means, becomes ever […]

Left Green Perspectives #38

The Unity of Ideals and Practice
by Murray Bookchin

Recently I have begun to encounter, especially among young people, individuals who call themselves “leftists” but who have little or no awareness of the most basic features of the Left’s longstanding analysis of capitalism, or of the history of the revolutionary movements that have stood in […]

Left Green Perspectives #37

The Fallacy of “Neither Left nor Right”:
Militia Fever
by Janet Biehl

At a time when the political sands have shifted massively to the right nearly everywhere, when the right is riding high while the left languishes in debris, it is increasingly common to hear the cry “Neither left nor right!” Few right-wingers […]

Left Green Perspectives #36

Terror Reigns in Manhattan
by Michael D. Weiss

Editors’ note: The following article singles out a real crisis that is emerging in anarchism, not only in the U.S. but in Europe as well: the steady degeneration of a left-libertarian radical theory and practice into a bohemian, personalistic, and […]

Left Green Perspectives #35

From Green Messiah to New Age Nazi
by Matthew Kalman and John Murray

Matthew Kalman and John Murray are editors of the eco-political investigative magazine Open Eye, which has been uncovering and exposing David Icke and “New Age Nazism.” Address: BM Open Eye, London WC1N 3XX. Issue 3 is available for £1.70.

It has been hard in recent years to […]

Left Green Perspectives #34

Is Russia on the Road to Dictatorship?
by Markus Mathyl

Editors’ note: This article explores the affiliations of self-styled Communist parties in Russia with parties of the nationalist and fascist right. These groups share a common opposition to the government and policies of Boris Yeltsin and together constitute the “national-patriotic opposition.” The article […]

Left Green Perspectives #33

When “Realism” Becomes Capitulation

Action from principle, the perception and the performance of right,
changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary,
and does not consist wholly with anything which was.

One of the most dangerous aspects of the present cultural and social counterrevolution is the widespread belief that capitalism is here to stay, that it is a “natural” social order, and […]

Left Green Perspectives #32

Inside Russia Today:
An Interview with Vadim Damier
by Wolfgang Haug

This issue of Green Perspectives focuses on recent developments in Russia from the perspective of anarchist Vadim Damier. Since 1987, Damier, who lives in Moscow, has been active in a number of different political tendencies. He presently belongs to the Group of Revolutionary Anarchosyndicalists/Friends of the IWA (International Workingmen’s Association), […]