Authoritarianism, Anti-Jewish racism, and The Israel-Hamas War: An Open letter to the Left

By Chaia Heller: “The aim here is to address two problems emerging amidst the current war, challenging the left to present a principled response to both the dynamics of authoritarianism and rising anti-Jewish racism.”

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A Second Nakba: Paving the Way to Genocide

Mason Herson-Hord explains the unfolding genocide against Palestinians in Gaza through the history of Israel’s radical right’s ascension to power.

“Over the course of these decades, there was a resulting shift in Israeli political consciousness where the historical necessity of the Nakba for the creation of the Jewish state transitioned from a truth to be masked or denied to one to be embraced and carried forward into Israel’s expansionist future.”

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“Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV”: A Collective Stance to Demand Our World Back

The 2023 “Challenging Capitalist Modernity” conference in Hamburg brought together over a thousand activists and academics from all over the world for three days of utopian discourse.

Book Review – Ecology Contested: Environmental Politics Between Left and Right

“There have been significant links between environmentalism and Right-wing politics for more than a century,” Staudenmaier writes in his new book Ecology Contested: Environmental Politics Between Left and Right. “Knowingly or not, the perpetrators of the Christchurch and El Paso massacres continued that tradition.”

Harbinger Issue #2 Launch Party, February 9

To celebrate the second online issue of Harbinger: a Journal of Social Ecology, we hosted a launch party in February. We were joined by several of the authors to offer thoughts and take questions, and held an open discussion on race, white supremacy, and colonialism focused on the different essays in the issue.

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Harbinger Issue #2: Race, Racism, and White Supremacy

After two years of pandemic delay, we’re very excited to announce that the new issue of Harbinger: a Journal of Social Ecology has now been released. The issue features nine timely contributions, all exploring social ecological perspectives on race, racism, and colonialism.

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