Kathleen Kesson on Curricula and Culture War

Kathleen Kesson – ISE board member, professor emerita at LIU-Brooklyn and former director of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont – has a new article on the impact of Trump’s targeting of critical education and insistence on a “patriotic” curriculum up at the VTDigger: “It is no accident that …

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The Rise of Eco-Fascism: The Environmental Case for Taking a Tougher Stance Against Online Hate

Louis Dean The rise of eco-fascism has led to some of the worst far-right lone wolf terror attacks in recent years. From the Christchurch and El Paso massacres, eco-fascist philosophy has played a key, if not the central, motivation for these attacks.  An often overlooked and unforeseen consequence of the worsening climate crisis is the …

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Reimagining a World where Justice is Possible

Salddin Ahmed on the uprising against white supremacy sparked by the murder of George Floyd. “The real looters are the 1%, not those who have been robbed of their livelihood. The real thugs are the ruling elites who habitually associate looting and violence with the victims… A world that does not have a place for black people is too small, too stupid, and too violent to be fixed. Instead, it must be reimagined and reconstructed. “

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New Book: Climate Justice and Community Renewal

Climate Justice and Community Renewal:   Resistance and Grassroots Solutions      Edited by Brian Tokar and Tamra Gilbertson This book brings together the voices of people from five continents who live, work, and research on the front lines of climate resistance and renewal. The many contributors to this volume explore the impacts of extreme weather events in …

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When We Lose the Ability to Be Shocked, Fascism Has Already Arrived

A pattern of deterioration of the state is now visible from the USA and Brazil to India and Turkey despite the gulf that separates them in terms of political traditions, institutional practices, and constitutional protections of human rights. In each case, the public sphere is continually shrinking under the pressure of a mass movement that shows three incredibly dangerous symptoms: racism, religious fundamentalism, and a populist leader whose popularity among his volkisch base often increases the more anti-democratically he behaves.

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