June course offering – Confronting Ecofascism

We offered a brand-new course recently, entitled “Confronting Ecofascism: Environmental Politics and the Radical Right,” and taught by a group of experts on the history and thought of ecofascism. The course ran from June 7 – June 28. You can register for the self-directed version at any time.

Book Review – Ecology Contested: Environmental Politics Between Left and Right

“There have been significant links between environmentalism and Right-wing politics for more than a century,” Staudenmaier writes in his new book Ecology Contested: Environmental Politics Between Left and Right. “Knowingly or not, the perpetrators of the Christchurch and El Paso massacres continued that tradition.”

Harbinger Issue #2: Race, Racism, and White Supremacy

After two years of pandemic delay, we’re very excited to announce that the new issue of Harbinger: a Journal of Social Ecology has now been released. The issue features nine timely contributions, all exploring social ecological perspectives on race, racism, and colonialism.