Social Ecologist Profile: Erin Lingo of Prescott, Arizona USA

Please introduce yourself (What kind of work you do, Where you live, etc.) I live in Prescott, AZ, and am the coordinator of the Prescott College CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and the Prescott Farmers Market. My passion is food and all things related: nutrition, cooking, food justice, sustainable agriculture, farmworker rights, and local food systems. I am a graduate student in the …

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Arizona’s Long Dark Night Continues

We republish [originally  published by the Huffington Post] this piece by Randall Amster [Facebook page, Wikipedia page, Twitter: @randallamster] who is the Chair of the Master’s of Arts program at Prescott College and a friend and ally of the ISE. Randall’s work appears regularly on the Huffington Post and Truthout website as well as various …

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Social Ecologist Profile: Bruce Norman of Quebec, Canada

[This post inaugurates what we plan to be a regular series of profiles of social ecologists. Special thanks to Bruce, who utilizes a pseudonym in honor of Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician who served in the Spanish Civil War.] Please introduce yourself (What kind of work you do, Where you live,  etc.) I am a freelance …

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Sad news for the organic vision

Note: This piece also appears on the Chelsea Green website: I wrote the passage that follows near the end of 2010, in the midst of working on a chapter about the early history of organic certification and my role in it.  This experience came to mind when I heard about the abrupt dismissal of …

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A Tribute to David Noble

David Noble, a pioneering historian and critic of technology and of corporate dominance over academic institutions, passed away suddenly this past week. David lectured a couple of times at the ISE, spent summers in Barnet, just around the bend from Grace Gershuny’s house, and remained a good friend of several of ours.  Very sad news… …

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Announcing the Purple Thistle Institute

Passing along the exciting news of the launch of the Purple Thistle Institute from Matt Hern, an associate of the ISE who has lectured and published widely on alternative education topics: WHAT IS IT? The PTI will be something like an alternative university, or maybe better: an alternative‐to‐ university. The idea is to bring together …

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New installation “Reframing Eden” by Beverly Naidus

Passing along this announcement of a new installation by Beverly Naidus, an associate of the ISE: “REFRAMING EDEN” an audience-participatory installation at VALISE gallery, VASHON, WA, Jan 2011 During the month of January 2011, VALISE gallery is pleased to host the work of two Vashon artists, Beverly Naidus (a member of the VALISE collective) and …

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Greenwashing War: Burlington, Vermont Mayor Signs Deal With Lockheed Martin

Current ISE Director Brian Tokar is quoted in an article posted to progressive news outlet Toward Freedom; here’s the lead paragraph: When it leaked in Seven Days, a local alternative weekly, that Mayor Bob Kiss of liberal mecca Burlington, Vermont had inked a deal with the world’s largest war profiteer all hell broke loose inside …

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Environmental Anarchism in Vermont

Check out this article (attributed to “WeiLai”) posted to – it references the work of Murray Bookchin as well as the ISE (albeit tangentially) as well as the Global Justice Ecology Project. Here’s the first two paragraphs: To fully understand the context of global environmental problems, one must assess the role that humans have …

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Video: Grace Gershuny speaks at Rutgers University

ISE Board Member Grace Gershuny recently spoke on a variety of food and (organic) agriculture-related topics at Rutgers University. Click the link below to access the video. (It’s recommended that viewers download an updated free version of Microsoft Silverlight.)

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