French Translation of Post-Scarcity Anarchism now available

A complete French translation of Murray Bookchin’s classic Post-Scarcity Anarchism is finally available thanks to Vincent Gerber and Écosociété press. Bravo et merci! You can order copies of Au-delà de la rareté: L’anarchisme dans une …

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The New World Summit on Stateless Democracy – Video Online

The New World Summit on Stateless Democracy took place at Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently, bringing together activists and intellectuals from around the globe to explore the possibilities for uncoupling …

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Debbie Bookchin in The Nation on Turkey’s repression of the Kurdish liberation movement

Debbie Bookchin has penned a powerful new article for The Nation on Erdogan’s current war against the Kurdish movement in Southeastern Turkey, and why the US and EU must act now …

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New book: Social Ecology and Social Change

In September last year New Compass organized a conference in collaboration with the University of Oslo called Ecological Challenges. Some of the questions we asked were:  How can we create …

Ursula LeGuin on Murray Bookchin

“Capitalism’s grow-or-die imperative stands radically at odds with ecology’s imperative of interdependence and limit. The two imperatives can no longer coexist with each other; nor can any society founded on the myth that they can be reconciled hope to survive. Either we will establish an ecological society or society will go under for everyone, irrespective of his or her status.”

New collection of Murray Bookchin’s political essays

From Athens to New York, recent mass movements around the world have challenged austerity and authoritarianism with expressions of real democracy. For more than forty years, Murray Bookchin developed these democratic aspirations into a new left politics, influencing political thinkers and social movements alike.

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