Srsly Wrong’s liberatory laughter

Steven R. D. Henderson Some forms of freedom are funny. For laughter holds hopeful seeds of a different world. Humour and democracy are similar. Adam Krause explains the former requires, “An understanding of, and an ability to move between, various modes of speaking and being.”[1] The latter needs cooperation with that same difference. It’s for …

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New Comic on COVID, Capitalism, and Climate Change from South Africa

Our friends at Environmental Monitoring Group have produced a fantastic new comic: “Noma and the Curse of the 3 Cs:” COVID, Capitalism, and Climate Change. Set in South Africa, the story looks at the interrelationship between poverty, exploitation, and environmental degradation from the perspective of a woman named Noma. It’s a great resource with lessons …

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Kathleen Kesson on Curricula and Culture War

Kathleen Kesson – ISE board member, professor emerita at LIU-Brooklyn and former director of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont – has a new article on the impact of Trump’s targeting of critical education and insistence on a “patriotic” curriculum up at the VTDigger: “It is no accident that …

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The Rise of Eco-Fascism: The Environmental Case for Taking a Tougher Stance Against Online Hate

Louis Dean The rise of eco-fascism has led to some of the worst far-right lone wolf terror attacks in recent years. From the Christchurch and El Paso massacres, eco-fascist philosophy has played a key, if not the central, motivation for these attacks.  An often overlooked and unforeseen consequence of the worsening climate crisis is the …

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Reimagining a World where Justice is Possible

Salddin Ahmed on the uprising against white supremacy sparked by the murder of George Floyd. “The real looters are the 1%, not those who have been robbed of their livelihood. The real thugs are the ruling elites who habitually associate looting and violence with the victims… A world that does not have a place for black people is too small, too stupid, and too violent to be fixed. Instead, it must be reimagined and reconstructed. “

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